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  • THC From Texas.

    Elevate your journey with HOWDY THC Beverages.
  • A message from Dank Hank:

    Lasso that buzz without the alcohol.
  • Howdy on Tap

    Get your fix on tap at your local waterin’ hole

Go on, Get Shoppin’

What are Howdy THC Beverages?

Made in Texas, HOWDY THC Seltzers are 100% hemp-derived, delivering 2.5mg or 5mg of THC per can. With flavors like Ranch Water & Paloma, we are inspired by the tradition of refreshing Texas beverages.

Get 20% off your first order:

New to the THC beverage space? Take 20% off your first order using code HOWDY20 at checkout!


  • “The taste was great! Also, 2.5mg is the perfect amount for me!”
    – Garrett M.
  • Before I quit drinking alcohol, a Paloma was my drink of choice. Now I have a great replacement, the HOWDY Paloma!
    – Kaitlyn W.
Here’s a tasty recap of our delicious High Society Dinner with @8thwonderbrew at @rielhouston last week. Big thanks to everyone who came out and a huge shoutout to the entire Riel team! Be on the lookout for our next High Society Infused Dinner‼️ 

#8thWonder #HighSocietyInfusedDinner #Howdy #Beachbreak #OchoVerde #TheRiel #WonderWorld #BayouCityHemp
You can lead a horse to HOWDY but you can’t make it drink (mostly because horses’ hooves can’t grab a HOWDY. But you can.) 🐴
Spotted: your favorite 🍃 seltzers at Spec’s & Total Wine! 🫧
Sharing HOWDY with friends makes for a mighty good time.
Happy Jazz Fest, y’all! 

Republic in New Orleans now servin’ HOWDY!

#HOWDY #DrinkYourGreens #AintNoAlcohol #NewOrleans #NOLA #JazzFest
The tastiest pair of seltzers you’ve ever laid eyes on. 🥹
Every table is a little happier when HOWDY is involved. In fact, we couldn’t help but crush a few. Who’s joining us?
If the matchup’s Paloma ❤️ vs. Ranch Water 💚, who ya got?
Herb’n Cowgirl. 🍃🤠
HOWDY pouring at @homerundugout! ⚾️

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