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Cosmic Cowboy
Vibes in Every Sip.

HOWDY is a Cannabis-infused seltzer brand from the great state of Texas. We put the Cosmic in Cosmic Cowboy. HOWDY was created to provide folks with a safe, effective and reliable way to experience Cannabis-infused drinks socially at your own pace. Our low-dose beverages are fast acting but not too long lasting, so you know right away if you’re ready for that second round. Best served cold and enjoyed socially, y’all.

Where to Find the Goods

Check out this map of where to find Howdy.

Our Seltzers & Beverages

HOWDY THC Seltzers & Beverages are 100% Hemp-Derived. We try to capture the roots of Texas through our beverage and the unique flavors, the Ranch Water, Paloma, Sweet Tea and Lemonade. We created HOWDY in a low-dose & familiar format, so if you are new to THC products, this is a great way to dip your boots in the mud – or if this ain’t your first rodeo, you can probably handle more than one, responsibly, of course.

Everyone has a different experience with Cannabis, Sip Responsibly! Contains THC, will show a positive result on a drug test.

Quick Onset

Times may vary from person, but generally it’s relatively quick.

Every Drop
Made in Texas.

100% Hemp-Derived

Aint No Alcohol

Great replacement for the hooch while still getting your favorite Texas flavors.

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