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Product Category: THC Gummies

Sweet Tea

Inspired by the Southern classic beverage, these HOWDY Sweet Tea Gummies provide a pleasantly sweet herbal tea flavor. Perfect for unwinding on a Texas...

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These HOWDY Lemonade Gummies are subtly tart, zesty & sweet. With 5mg of THC, these tasty gummies are fast acting & quite relaxing. Dose: 5mg...

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Ranch Water

Inspired by the Classic West Texas Refreshment, these HOWDY Ranch Water Gummies are a sweet & salty treat for your taste buds. Low-dose & fast...

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Inspired by the Mexican Cocktail, these HOWDY Paloma Gummies are a tart & salty flavor rodeo. Low-dose & fast acting. Dose: 2.5mg THC 10 Gummies...

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